Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Things I'm Loving

This whole 'monthly favourites' thing is a bit of an obstacle for me, I'm forever missing the boat on posting at the end of a month or collating my favourite pieces to reflect what I've actually been loving and using so I'm simply going to write about things I like, when I like 'um. 

Kicking off with Dolce & Gabbana perfume in number 3. My favourite ever perfume that I always get compliments on. There is the smallest dribble of this left and I'll definitely pick up what will be my 3rd bottle once this one bites the dust. 

Hydraluron is a recent purchase of mine and surprise, surprise, I love it. After literally months of resisting the hype I 'get it' and I now see why everyone bangs on about this stuff. It's kind of pricey and I managed to pick it up with a 1/3 off so if that offer is on when I'm next out I might pick up a second tube as I can't see me going without it now. 

I have been wearing sunglasses quite a lot recently, I know what you're thinking- 'what sun? It's miserable weather'- but the sun is so low at this time of year I'm squinting all the darn time and I don't want any wrinkles around my eyes so I'm wearing my sunglasses now matter how many odd looks I get with my scarf and sunnies combo. FYI, this pair were £1 from Primark, bargain much? 

Another beauty hype I have fallen for are eyelash curlers. Yep, read enough beauty blogs and you'll convince yourself you need something you used years ago and tossed out only to go and repurchase to see what all the fuss is about the second time around. These are from No7 and they work a treat. I have used these every day since I bought them and I have fallen back in love with a beauty ritual from my 17 year old self, ah nostalgia. 

I picked up Maybelline Brow Drama on a whim ove the weekend as I'm in a bit of a brow-rut and fancied trying something new. I'm still getting to grips with the mascara-like brow brush and adjusting to a toned down brow, but I'm happy to experiment and if I master this product, I'll have my brows sorted in a matter of seconds each morning, and isn't that what every woman wants?

Rachel xo 

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