Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bumble & bumble Polished Duo

Way back when on Christmas day, I picked up the Bumble and bumble Polished Duo hair set with a Thickening Spray and Straight blow dry lotion in the Space NK sale. 

I've tried the Thickening spray before thanks to a generous freebie in Elle magazine last year and I know I love this so it was a no-brainer. The Straight blow dry lotion promises smooth, shiny hair and that it certainly does deliver. This gives my fine hair a poker straight and polished look, much like you'd expect
but Not what I neccasarily want.  I think I've sussed a way to make it work for me and it's all about the adding and subracting. 

I run a small blob of the Bb Straight lotion through my hair to calm down the flyaways and make things really sleek then a spritz of the thickening hairspray and I blowdry and style as normal. The finished look is a fraction too 'done' for me and it really is super straight (which even though isn't what I'm after, I'm still really impressed by) so I can then go ahead with my normal texturising spray, maybe the did wave with my GHDs and a little 'jus'ing to acheive my 'half-way hair' which without the Bb Straight lotion would be just a bit too 'undone' for my liking and always leaves me with 'frizz' rather than that playful 'fluff'. 

I'm adding something into my routine so I can essentially take it away after. Sounds like an odd one I admit and somewhat of a maths equation but boy oh boy, it works. 

Rachel so

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