Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bad Blogger. An Update

Hello there, hopefully I won't be making a habit of this- having two months off, my apologies of being a bad blogger followed by some form of an update into my little life. 

Speaking of which, I suppose I could give you a quick rundown.

The last time I blogged, or even opened up my laptop for that matter; (I'm no techno-phobe- I just haven't put down my iPad mini since I bought it) was the 15th of February (according to my blog). Slaps oneself on the wrist. A lot has happened since then and if any of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen my biggest piece of news.. I'm engaged! 

My birthday was 19th February and I turned the ripe old age of 23. Aaron whisked me away to Madrid the following morning and on our first night away, he proposed! Here I am at Parque del Retiro showing off the ring (I continued to pose like this for the following month, no shame). 

Madrid was amazing, and it was Aaron's first time there so we made sure to seek out all the best places. Wine was flowing (a little too much) the whole holiday, well at €1.90 a glass, our €50 a night budget went preeeety far. I got to exercise my Spanish and we got talking to a mariachi band one night and ended up doing tequila shots with the bar staff to toast our Engagement and we were serandaded by the band. Aaron couldn't understand the songs but I assure you, it was very romantic. 

So I arrived back from our city break as a Fiancée and I got back to work at my job as the Features Writer for a regional magazine which I absolutely love and can't believe my luck still that that is what pays my bills. 

Since then I've been pretty busy with work and that has taken up my time and hence the lack of blogging.. Come evening, I just want to starfish on my bed and watch Youtube which is precisely what I have been doing. 

Over Easter I went to Cardiff, something Aaron and I try to do around twice a year so I might whip up a little post around that. 

I've been doing an awful lot of shopping, slaps oneself on wrist, again, which is partly the reason I have sat myself down to blog again. There are only so many occascions I can waffle on to Aaron about my pleasure in finding a new lipstick or my lust for those Whistles shoes. Woah, Whistles, you are seriously my new obsession but more to come on that...

And so, I'm back and I'm having a blogging 'sesh tonight to get the ball rolling again. 

Brace yourselves for an influx of wishlists, you didn't forget that I'm greedy, did you?   

Rachel xo  

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