Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beauty Round Up

As it is coming to the end of the month, I suppose I can call these my monthly favourites but it's just a bunch of products, some old and some quite new; that I'm using on a daily or weekly basis and that have definetely justified their spend.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment Avocado was a birthday present from Aaron and I bloomin' well love it. He knew I'd been wanting to try it as the very inner, top corners of my eyes were extremely dry and I knew this would do just the trick. It is thick, as every review says but I have been known to use it in the morning sometimes as well as in an evening and I haven't overly-slick under eyes post application.

CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet is the lastest base to drop by CHANEL and the first of their foundations I've ever actually purchased. I had high expectations for this and it has certainly made up it's hefty price tag. And look at that bottle, swoon

I picked up CHANEL Rouge Allure in Fougueuse (138) lipstick at the airport before we flew to Madrid in February, good old Duty Free and it's my new bold lip colour. The perfect kind of pink, a little bit 'hot', a little bit 'pretty'. 

I ordered the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask when I broke my Cult Beauty virginity and I can honestly say it is entirely unique to any other mask I use. It really clears up my skin without feeling at all harsh and I've used it two days in a row when I've had a particularly bad breakout and had no nasty side effects or dry skin. 

The Dior Glow Maximizer Primer is my latest and greatest venture into the world of 'glow-givers' and though I tend to reserve this for night time makeup, I've somehow worked my way through a good few pumps of the tube and I'm normally in my pjs by 8pm so I might have had a few extra dewy daytime looks. 

I love a nude nail and as much as a fan I am of the likes of Barry M 'Lychee' and Essie's Sand Tropez, my latest nude nail is more of a pinker hue that comes in the form of Essie- Not Just A Pretty Face. When I first applied this I was a little underwhelmed but I've realised it was because I was seriosuly lacking some colour in my skin. I've since got back into tanning and with the sun's reappearance I have the base of a (faux) tan beginning and I will be reaching for this as things heat up. 

Rachel xo

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